Due to the lack of good-bodied 2cvs for making into the RICO VANS, we have decided to discontinue the rico van.


Mike Richards has created Deauville cars to keep your 2cv on the road.

Deauville offers a genuine 2cv replacement body in kit form or any part up to a finished car for your ailing 2cv, which means that you can go on driving your 2cv without bothering about body rot.

The chassis and running gear are freely available from sources all over U.K. and Europe and we feel that we have created a suitable replacement for that ailing 2cv body.

However for more information on what you can do with your ailing 2cv go to Deauvillecars.com. Where you can see the new Deauville Canard. This is a full 4-seater replacement for your 2cv.